Wokflow approver name and date time

HI, Below code used to get workflow approve name based on purchase order Id or RecId.

select firstonly workflowTrackingStatusTable
order by RecId desc
where workflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextTableId == tableNum(PurchTable)
&& workflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextRecId == purchTable.RecId
&& workflowTrackingStatusTable.TrackingStatus == WorkflowTrackingStatus::Completed;
select * from workflowTrackingTable
order by CreatedDateTime desc, RecId desc
where workflowTrackingTable.WorkflowTrackingStatusTable == workflowTrackingStatusTable.RecId
&& workflowTrackingTable.TrackingContext == WorkflowTrackingContext::WorkItem
&& workflowTrackingTable.TrackingType == WorkflowTrackingType::Approval;

select firstOnly dirPersonUser
order by ValidTo desc
where dirPersonUser.User == workflowTrackingTable.User;

select dirPerson
where dirPerson.RecId == dirPersonUser.PersonParty
join hcmWorker
where hcmWorker.Person == dirPerson.RecId;

select hcmPositionWorkerAssignment
order by ValidTo desc
where hcmPositionWorkerAssignment.Worker == hcmWorker.RecId
join hcmPosition
where hcmPosition.RecId == hcmPositionWorkerAssignment.Position;

name = dirPerson.Name;

select * from workflowTrackingCommentTable where workflowTrackingCommentTable.WorkflowTrackingTable == workflowTrackingTable.RecId;

approvedBy = strFmt(“@SYS3492” + ‘ < %1, %2 – %3 >’, name,
DateTimeUtil::applyTimeZoneOffset(workflowTrackingCommentTable.createdDateTime, DateTimeUtil::getCompanyTimeZone()));


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