Month: January 2016

Restrict user to select field in Dialog inquire

HI, Below sample to used to restrict user to select any other fields from dialog other than added ranges in class.


qbdsSalesLine = query.addDataSource(tableNum(SalesLine));


notexists Join in X++

HI , Below sample used to get data from same table using 2(A,B) buffer’s. ¬†Ex: Should get data from A which doesn’t have records in B based on catalog condition.


while select priceDiscTableSource

where priceDiscTableSource.OCSCatalogueRelation == sourceCatalog
notexists join priceDiscTableDestination
where priceDiscTableSource.ItemRelation == priceDiscTableDestination.ItemRelation
&& priceDiscTableDestination.OCSCatalogueRelation == diaCatalogDestination