validation & info log in c#


This sample code gives the view of popups info logs in EP using C#

In below example, we need to throw info if the leave is already taken or for leave applicable for girls only. Code as follows:

public Boolean LeaveValidation(string Leavetypevalidate, Int64 EmplId)


AxBoundField StartDate = (AxBoundField)GetField(this.AxGroup1.Fields, “StartDate”);                 int validate;

//Getting the value from the static method written in X++

validate = (int)AxSession.AxaptaAdapter.CallStaticRecordMethod(“Mzk_LeaveHistory”, “LeaveValidate”, Leavetypevalidate, EmplId);

//initiating the inflog

Proxy.Info objInfoLog = new Proxy.Info(this.AxSession.AxaptaAdapter);

//EVEN If we are throwing info log, it will insert the record in C# if they click save, So we are making the button as disable and making it false at the time of info log

AxForm1.AutoGenerateInsertButton = true;

if (validate == 1)


//Info log to throw at top of EP Page

objInfoLog.add(Proxy.Exception.Error, “Leave already taken”);


AxForm1.AutoGenerateInsertButton = false;


else if (validate == 2)


objInfoLog.add(Proxy.Exception.Error, “Leave is applicable for Female Employees only”);

AxForm1.AutoGenerateInsertButton = false;


return true;



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