get working days in ax


Below is the sample code to get the working days based on the start date and end date.

to get it based on each legal entity wise in ax 2012, we need to setup the working days template in : YEU/Organization administration/Common/Calendars/working time templates and setup the same for each company in  YEU/Organization administration/Common/Calendars/Period templates

//Holiday list

select count(RecId) from leaveData
where leaveData.HolidayDate <= Mzk_LeaveHistory.StartDate
&& leaveData.HolidayDate >= Mzk_LeaveHistory.EndDate;
countrecid = any2int(leaveData.RecId);

//Working days
for(i=sdate; i<= edate; i++)
select count(RecId) from line
where line.dataAreaId == curext()
&& line.WeekDay == dayOfWk(i);

P = P+1;


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