Calling Ax methods in C# and EP


Below are the sample codes to call the methods of X++ in C# from EP development,

//calling the modified method of the control in EP

public void getstartdate(object sender, EventArgs e)


string sdateAx;

sdateAx = (string)this.AxDataSource1.GetDataSet().DataSetRun.AxaptaObjectAdapter.Call(“modified”);    }

This method should be written under particular field in Data set in AOT. For that field only we need to assign this method in C# control. And put ‘Autopostback’ TRUE.

call this method on C# control : Onlookup = “getstartdate”.

//Calling static methods.

We can call the static methods in C# which are written at Table or at Class level only.

In below example, we are calling a static method which is written in table ‘Mzk_LeaveHistory’ table and the method name in ‘currentEmployeeId’. And we are catching the value which the method is returning for the validations in C#. Since we can’t do validations by using the code in X++.

Here, based on the login employee we need to validate the leave balance and validation.

public void LeaveBalanceValidation(object sender, AxBoundFieldDataChangedEventArgs e)


Int64 EmplId = (Int64)AxSession.AxaptaAdapter.CallStaticRecordMethod(“Mzk_LeaveHistory”, “currentEmployeeId”);


string LeavetypeBalance = Convert.ToString(e.Value);

//string Leavetypevalidate = Convert.ToString(DropDownList)e.BoundControl).SelectedValue);

string Leavetypevalidate = Convert.ToString(e.Value);

this.LeaveValidation(Leavetypevalidate, EmplId);

this.LeaveBalance(LeavetypeBalance, EmplId);

//  this.AxDataSource1.GetDataSet().DataSetRun.AxaptaObjectAdapter.Call(“modified”);


Need to call in controller in C# :  OnDataChanged = “LeaveBalanceValidation”

Leave Balance can come on the leave type they selected, we are calling a static method in the table by passing the employee id and leave type selected.

For more description, plebe fallow below link:


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