Get dialog box of “YES or No” for any operation by User in Ax


While any operation performing by user, there are cases like need to take the confirmation  from user to perform the operation. In these cases we can use “DialogButton” for the user interaction no say “Yes/No” to execute the operation.

Below is the sample code:

     DialogButton                            diagBut;   

    str strMessage = “This operation should perform in JANUARY month only, still if you                                    want to continue”;

    str strTitle = “Title”;

   diagBut = Box::yesNoCancel(


        DialogButton::No, // Initial focus is on the No button.


      if (diagBut == DialogButton::No)


        info(“Operation stoped.”);


    else if(diagBut == DialogButton::Yes)


                Info(“button click code here”);






For more information refer the below link:


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